Wills Point, Texas


Wills Point 1919. Was laid out in the winter of 1873, by General Grenville M. Dodge, of Iowa, then construction engineer for the California Construction Company, and was named “Iola,” by Major W. H. Abrams, land commissioner of the Texas and Pacific railroad. It wore this name for a time and the people hereabouts received their mail at Canton, which was supplied at that place by Bradfiels stage line from Marshall via Tyler, Canton, Prairieville and Kaufman to Dallas, three trips per week. But it dawned upon the “Iolans” that as the Texas and Pacific railroad trains then operated between Shreveport and Dallas, the fuel which was used to generate steam was wood and no time schedule was then observed by the hands operating on those trains.. Continue Reading Wills Point History Written in 1919 >>


Wills Point, TX 32° 42′ 33.4656″ N, 96° 0′ 29.8872″ W