Edgewood, Texas


Edgewood 1919. The bustling little city of Edgewood, ten miles west of north from Canton, was born in the early part of 1888, under peculiar circumstances. There had been a siding about one mile east of where this little city now stands called Stevenson, and the T. & P. had a section house there. But Wills Point and Canton pulled off a frightful war, in fact the fright was all there was to it. Anterior to that, Canton had done all its shipping at Wills Point, but Canton decided to cut the acquaintance of W. P. and to that end wanted another shipping point. Col. John C. Robertson and Judge John L. Henry were attorneys for Towles Etals in the contest about the county seat and Colonel Robertson and his law partner, Col. W. S. Herndon, owned a league of land upon which this thriving little city, just at the edge of the woods, is now located. So they told Canton if they would ship to that point, they would have a siding put in there and a depot put up at that point. This was all agreed to and Colonel Herndon, who by the way was something of a railroad man, went to work and had the depot put up and Canton employed John P. Groome to run a line from Canton through the snoods to the depot. Robertson and Herndon employed Henry C. Manning to survey and map their land and they divided the same between themselves and Edgewood was put on the map and has been Canton’s shipping point ever since. This is a hustling little city of live merchants, with two banks, a large brick schoolhouse, two cotton gins, two commodious church buildings, a spicy little newspaper, long rows of brick buildings, good clean stocks of merchandise, hardware and implements, and a general variety of all that the surrounding country wants are on display at competing prices; an express office. a local and long distance telephone system, an yard, and up-to-now hotel. Edgewood is an original dry town, nothing stronger than soda pop was ever vended there. – Some History of Van Zandt County, 1919


Edgewood, TX 32° 41′ 53.466″ N, 95° 53′ 6.8784″ W