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Val Verde County Military Casualites

World War II .
World War II Casualties Army and Air Force
Val Verde County, TX
Aguirre, Lionel G - Sgt DNB (Died, non-battle)
Aragon, Cecilio L - Pvt FOD (Finding of Death)
Arredondo, Raul E. - PFC DNB (Died, non-battle)
Carter, James T. - Sgt KIA (Killed in Action)
Castillo, Manuel R. Jr. - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Contreras, Rudolfo - PFC DNB (Died, non-battle)
Contreras, Gregoria V - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
De La Rosa, Guadalupe - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Dominguez, E. A. Jr. - PFC DOW (Died of Wounds)
Garcia, Adrian G. - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Garza, Esteban - Pvt DOW (Died of Wounds)
Hernandez, A. P. - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Laughlin, Jack T. - 2 LT KIA (Killed in Action)
Lomas, Paulino - PFC DOW (Died of Wounds)
McGuire, Maxey W. - Maj DNB (Died, non-battle)
Morales, Antonio Jr. - 2 Lt DNB (Died, non-battle)
Morales, Carlos M. - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Moreno, Tomas C. - S. Sg FOD (Finding of Death)
O'Bryant, Oliver G. - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Padilla, Juan R. - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Paredes, Alfredo P. - Sgt KIA (Killed in Action)
Perez, Francisco G. - Sgt KIA (Killed in Action)
Pesina, Roman - PFC DNB (Died, non-battle)
Reyes, Arturo - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Reyes, Vivian G - Pvt FOD (Finding of Death)
Rodriguez, Arcadio S. - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Rodriguez, Ernesto - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Rodriguez, Jose M. - 1 Lt FOD (Finding of Death)
Salazar, Guillermo - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Sanchez, Manuel C - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Sandoval, Ernesto S. - Sgt KIA (Killed in Action)
Sifuentes, Raul V. - T. Sg KIA (Killed in Action)
Silvas, Augustin - Pvt DNB (Died, non-battle)
Smith, Ross - T Sg DNB (Died, non-battle)
Speer, Ralph E. - Pvt DOW (Died of Wounds)
Springer, Edman O. - Cpl DNB (Died, non-battle)
Tenney, Clessen H. Jr - 2 Lt DNB (Died, non-battle)
Torrez, Pablo J. - Pvt DOW (Died of Wounds)
Viesca, Jerry P. - 2 Lt KIA (Killed in Action)
Vitela, Alfredo L. - Pvt KIA (Killed in Action)
Walk, John H. - 1 Lt KIA (Killed in Action)
Zoblowsky, Elbert - PFC KIA (Killed in Action)
Source:  World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing, State of Texas.  Published by the War Dept, Jun 1946
Laughlin Air Force Base
Vietnam War

Val Verde County Casualties, all from Del Rio

Soldier born died
Cochran, Patrick Sheldon 29 Sep 1946 21 Aug 1967
Cores, Thomas Richard II 1 May 1944 7 Jun 1968
Frausto, Nolberto Jr. 14 Oct 1947 3 Feb 1968
Hoffman, Ronnie Joe 9 May 1948 12 Feb 1968
Limones, Jesus Mario 9 Oct 1947 8 May 1967
Moore, Thomas Dewey Jr. 4 Jul 1929 30 Nov 1967
Ramon, Andres Lopez 27 Sep 1949 4 Feb 1971
Rodriguez, Calixtro S. 16 Feb 1937 6 Mar 1969
Salazar, Rene Javier 1 Dec 1949 19 Dec 1968
Source:  U. S. Government, Vietnam Casualties