Cline, Texas

Cline is on U.S. Highway 90 and the Southern Pacific Railroad eighteen miles west of Uvalde in southwestern Uvalde County.

Cline Texas


Cline Community.  First settler, Celeste Pingenot came to this area in 1870. He built first house on south bank of Turkey Creek, 1871. Established stagecoach stand, store and inn; named it Wallace. He was first postmaster, commissioned, 1878. Community protected from Indians by small detachment of soldiers billeted at “The Spring,” nearby. August Cline was employed by Pingenot to operate store and stagecoach stand. When railroad came in 1883, built rock house and post office on north bank. Became postmaster. Renamed community, Cline. Historical Marker text, 1967. Marker Location: I-90 West (south side) in Cline.

Cline Texas
Cline Texas

Cline, Texas History from the Handbook of Texas Online.

Cline, TX


ClineTX 29° 14′ 16.6596″ N100° 4′ 50.8908″ W

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