Upland, Texas


Now a ghost town, Upland was the first county seat of Upton County. It’s two-store stone courthouse served the county from 1911 until 191, when Rankinwas named the county seat.

Upton County Courthouse, Upland, Texas 1911

Upland First Upton County Seat. Now abandoned, the town of Upland (10 miles N) was intended as a station on the rail line from St. Louis to Chihuahua, Mexico. It was also located near the stage route of the Butterfield mail line. Henry Halff and his son platted the townsite in 1908 and a school opened the same year. In 1910 Upland was named the first county seat and a stone courthouse was constructed later. By passed by new rail lines and suffering from a severe drought, the town declined. Homes and buildings were moved here by 1921 when Rankin became the new seat of government.- Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1980. Marker located – not in Upland – but on the Courthouse Lawn, corner of 10th and Rankin St., Rankin.

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