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Terry County 1922. Terry County, created in 1876, but not organized until 1904, has recently come within the scope of developing activities in West Texas. The county lies just west of Lynn County, and the railroads which have penetrated Lubbock and Lynn counties have been an important factor in directing settlement toward Terry County. During the last ten years considerable progress has been made in the improvement of land for farming purposes, and the breaking up of the large pastures has already begun. The county seat is Brownfield, near the center of the county, and there are several other small villages. The Panhandle & Santa Fe has been constructed diagonally through the county to Brownfield, near the center of the county, running from Lubbock to Seagraves, and full train service is in operation.

The population of the county in 1890 was 21 and 48 in 1900. By 1910 the county had 1,474 inhabitants, in 1920, 2,236. The total area is 556,800 acres, of which all were reported in farms or ranches in 1910. In 1900 only 115 acres were in cultivation, but the last census classified about 23,000 acres as “improved land.” There were 235 farms in 1910 as compared with only six in 1900. The live stock interests, by far the greatest resource of the county, in 1910 were enumerated as 25.554 cattle, about 2,900 horses and mules, 1,282 hogs and 2,569 sheep. In 1920, 21.778 cattle, 2,855 horses and mules. In 1909, 5,896 acres were planted in corn, 4,509 acres in hay and forage crops. and 1,908 acres in kafir corn and milo maize. The county is considered a fruit section and the last census enumerated about 6,500 orchard fruit trees. The tax valuation of property in the county in 1913 was $1,909.552. and in 1920 $2,816,383.

It is developing into a successful corn raising country. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Brownfield, TX 33° 10′ 52.3344″ N, 102° 16′ 27.6564″ W