Mansfield, Texas


Mansfield is situated in the extreme southeast corner of the county, near the lines of Johnson, Ellis and Dallas counties. It was founded in the early ’50s by Captain Julian Field. He erected a small lumber mill to saw post oak logs, and the first few stores built here were made largely of oak lumber. Captain Field started the first store, general merchandise, hauling the goods by wagons from Houston, Texas. In the late ’50s Captain Field and R. S. Man erected a three-story steam flouring mill, the first to be built in this part of the state, the only mill before this being small water mills on the Trinity River, at or near Fort Worth and Eagle Ford. This mill had practically a state-wide patronage. There would be trains of Mexican ox-teams from the San Antonio country, of eight or ten yoke of oxen to the wagon. The oxen would push the wagons by having wood bars strapped in front of their heads instead of pulling their loads by yokes and bows around their necks, the American way. Continue Reading Mansfield History Written in 1922 >>


Mansfield, TX 32° 33′ 47.4912″ N, 97° 8′ 30.0372″ W