Grapevine, Texas


Grapevine is situated in the extreme northeast corner of the county, but a short distance from the Dallas and Denton County lines. It is the center of the finest agricultural area in this section of Texas. The people are among the most prominent in this part of the state.

The place was some times called Dunnville from the fact that there was a large number of people living there by the name of Dunn and who were prominent citizens of the place. It was afterwards called Grapevine Springs. by reason of a large grapevine which grew on an oak tree over a large spring. This was a favorite resort of the Indians. In 1838 a treaty was held with the Indians at this spring, at which some of the most prominent men of the state at that time were present. John H. Reagan was there with a company of Rangers. The Indians agreed to be good, but soon forgot their promises and in a short time made a raid in the county which resulted in the killing of John Denton, for whom the county of Denton was named.

The name of Grapevine was finally adopted for the town, which now has a population of about 1,800. The property valuation is about $1,000.000. It has three good banks, with capital, surplus and deposits of $3,300,000. It has a good high school, with an enrollment of 425 ; four good churches, with substantial buildings and good membership.

There is the usual complement of mercantile houses, all substantial and prosperous and doing a good business. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Grapevine, TX 32° 56′ 3.4512″ N, 97° 4′ 41.034″ W