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Sutton County History 1922

Sutton County History Written in 1922

Sutton County was created April 1, 1887, from the county of Crockett, and was organized November 4, 1890. One of the branches of the Llano River crosses its eastern half, and the Devil's River flows across the western end of the county. From an agricultural stand­ point the county has made but little progress. The population is sparse, about one person to the square mile, and without railroads and convenient markets for soil products there has been but small encouragement to till the soil. The stockmen in recent years have undertaken the raising of feed stuffs for their cattle, sheep and goats, and irrigation has been confined to the watering of gardens. Conditions in the county are exceptionally favorable for the raising and feeding of sheep and goats, and many thousands graze on the hills and in the valleys.

The population of Sutton County in 1890 was 658; in 1900, 1,727 ; in 1910, 1,569; and in 1920, 1,599. The property valuation in 1903 was $1,701,830; in 1913, $2,966,423 ; in 1920, $4,052,175. The total area of the county is 973,440 acres, and the last census reported 786,­ 327 acres included in farms or ranches. A large portion of the county is occupied as leased land, being owned as school land. The num ber of farms in 1910 was 131 as compared with 93 in 1900. The total of "improved land" in 1910 was 4,750 acres, as compared with about 1,370 acres in 1900. The livestock enumerated included 52,748 cattle, about 5,200 horses and mules, 3,834 hogs, 58,973 sheep and 59,631 goats. In 1920 the enumeration showed 61,360 cattle, 2,415 horses and mules, 99,518 sheep and 81,046 goats. The crops in 1909 were the forage crops, the acreage in hay and similar crops being 1,135 ; and in kafir corn and milo maize, 622 acres. About 2,000 orchard fruit trees were enumerated. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


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