Stonewall County is located on the Edwards Plateau in North Central Texas, surrounded by King County to the north, Haskell County to the east, Jones County to the southeast, Fisher County to the south, and Kent County to the west. Aspermont, the county seat is 120 miles southeast Lubbock and 200 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

Cities, Towns and Communities

Aspermont – county seat | Jud | Old Glory | Peacock | Rath City | Raynor | Swenson


Stonewall County History 1922. Created in 1886, Stonewall County was organized December 20, 1888. It is in the range of country known as the Southern. Panhandle and until the present century the nearest railroad was many miles distant. Its surface is rough, broken and rolling, with many hills and canyons and some wide stretches of level land. Under such conditions the county was available only for stockmen, and the commerce of the towns and the production of agricultural crops are a thing of the present century. In 1880 the population of the county was 104; in 1890, 1,024; in 1900, 2,183; in 1910, 5,320, and in 1920, 4.806. When the county was first organized Raynor was established as the county seat, but in 1889 the county offices were moved to Aspermont. Other places in the county now are Peacock, Swenson and Old Glory. All the towns in the county at present are railroad towns. There is one inland postoffice at Dorris. The county has now three strong and well established banks. the First National Bank of Aspermont, at Aspermont, Texas ; the Peacock Bank, at Peacock, and the First Bank of Swenson, at Swenson. Continue Stonewall County History Written in 1922 >>


Aspermont, TX 33° 8′ 0.3516″ N, 100° 13′ 38.3808″ W