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Somervell County History 1922

Somervell County History Written in 1922

Somervell is one of the smallest counties in the state, with a total area of 117,760 acres. This territory was originally comprised in Hood County, and the new county was created March 13, 1875, in response to a petition from residents in North Bosque and South Hood counties. The Brazos River flows through the eastern half of the county, and the topography is one of rocky hills with many small valleys of fertile lands. Though railroads have circled the county on all sides, it is as yet without rail transportation, and its development has consequently been backward. The soil and climate favor the production of fruit and small crops, but farming and stock raising are still the substantial industries. Almost the entire county is underlaid by a basin of artesian water, and there are several hundred artesian wells in the vicinity of Glen Rose. A recent report of the geological survey states that about thirty thousand acres of the valley lands in the artesian belt are capable of economical irriga­ion.

The following statistics of development are drawn from the report of the last census. There were 664 farms in the county, as compared with 491 in 1900. Of the total area, 93,616 acres were included in farms, and approximately 39,000 acres in "improved land," as compared with 27,000 acres at the preceding census. There were 3,609 cattle ; 2,605 horses and mules ; 1,266 hogs. In 1909, 18,956 acres were planted in cotton; 2,156 acres in corn ; 1,782 acres in hay and forage crops. About thirty-one thousand orchard fruit trees were enumerated, and about nine thousand pecan trees.

The population in 1880 was 2,649 ; in 1890. 3,419 ; in 1900, 3,498; in 1910, 3,931 ; in 1920, 3,563.

The value of assessed property in 1882 was $357,567, nearly a third of which was represented by livestock ; in 1903, $692,544 ; in 1913, $1,297,755 ; in 1920, $1,578,000. Since the organization of the county the seat of government has been at Glen Rose. and there is no other important town in the county.


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