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Sherman County History 1922

Sherman County History Written in 1922

Though organized with a county government on June 13, 1899, Sherman County was an almost exclusive stock range until the construction of the Rock Island Railroad across its northwest corner in 1901. That brought a large influx of settlers, and from a population in 1890 of thirty-four and in 1900 of 104, the increase during the succeeding ten years gave the county by 1910, 1,376 inhabitants. When the county was organized the courthouse was placed at the old town of Coldwater. which now no longer appears on the map. After the railroad was built the new town of Stratford was established, and was voted the county seat. The population of that town in 1910 was 520, nearly half the total for the entire county. On the state line between the Panhandle and Oklahoma is Texhoma, another town that draws considerable trade from this county.

The valuation of property in 1902 was $1,266,959, in 1913, $3,399,211 ; and in 1920, $3,419,952. The total area of the county is 598,400 acres, and the last census estimated 255,364 acres to about 89,000 acres in 1910, and in the same time the number of farms increased from eighteen to 165. The livestock enumerated in 1910 was 14,523 cattle ; about 2,500 horses and mules ; 1,368 hogs, and 4,149 sheep. In 1920 the number of cattle was 24,063; horses and mules, 3,114, and 1,980 sheep. In hay and forage crops, 12,255 acres were planted in 1909 ; in kafir corn and mild maize, 3.262 acres ; in wheat, 2,757 acres, and in oats, 1,218 acres. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


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