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Sherman County Courthouses

Sherman County has been home two three courthouses -- one in Coldwater, the original county seat and two in Stratford, which has been the county seat for more than the last 100 years.

Sherman County Courthouse, Stratford, Texas 1901-1922
Second Sherman County Courthouse - First Courthouse in Stratford. Built in 1901, the wooden building burned in 1922.


First Sherman County Courthouse -- brick structure, built in 1891 in Coldwater, which served as the county seat from the county's organization in 1889.  In 1901, the county seat moved to Stratford leaving the 10 year old courthouse unused. Soon the town all but disappeared. The old courthouse was often used as a church.

Second Sherman County Courthouse, First Courthouse in Stratford -- Build in 1901, this two story wood frame building was destroyed by fire in 1922.

Third Sherman County Courthouse, Second Courthouse in Stratford - Built in 1922, the current courthouse is a Class Revival Style building designed by Parker and Rittenberry, and constructed by Contractor J.W. Mordeca.