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Formed from Crockett County. Created April 1, 1887. Organized July 9, 1901. Named in honor of Gustav Schleicher, 1823-1879. Pioneer German settler, member of the Texas Legislature, member of the United States Congress. County seat, Eldorado. First bale of cotton, 1904. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1936. Located on US 277, about 2 1/2 miles north of Eldorado in a picnic area.

Captain Gustav Schleicher. Chief Purchasing Agent, Army Engineer Department for Southern Armies West Mississippi. Bought desperately needed intrenching tool, iron, steel, lead and turpentine. Imported much material from Europe through Mexico by the exchange of cotton, “life blood of confederacy.” established two engineer depots in Texas, designed fortifications and pontoon trains. Repaired tools from surrendered U.S. frontier forts. A memorial to Texans who served the Confederacy erected by the state of Texas 1963. Located on the Courthouse grounds.

Mark Fury Ranch Stage Stand. Originally part of the Mark Fury Ranch, this site was used as a stagecoach stop from 1894 to 1909. Theodore Jackson Savell (1872-1954) owned and operated the line between San Angelo and Sonora. Six mornings each week a horn was blown to announce the arrival of the stage. In emergencies on the road, help was prompt because the line served as a thread of life for the remote area. The Savell stages were instrumental in the early development of the region, providing passenger, mail, and express services. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1980. Located on US 277, about 16 mi. N of Eldorado.

J.D. Earnest Ranch Stage Stand. During the ownership of rancher J. D. Earnest, this site was used as a rest stop on the stage line between San Angelo and Sonora. Owned and managed by Theodore Jackson Savell (1872-1954), the operation began providing mail and passenger service to the area in 1894. Each weekday two stages pulled by four horses made the 75-mile run. On rare rainy occasions the passengers helped push the stagecoach up muddy hills. The Savell line remained in operation until 1909, when mail was first delivered to the county by automobile. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1980. Located on US 277,10 mi. S of Eldorado.

Christopher Colombus Doty. (April 16,1857-October 26,1944) first permanent citizen of Schleicher County. Came to Texas from Missouri,1879. Soon bought headquarters at ten-mile water hole (1/2 mi. east). Drilled first water well in county 1882 and erected first windmill south of Concho river,thus established area’s agricultural industry. The organization of the county in 1901 included his property and he was elected first tax assessor-collector. Later was justice of the peace, a rancher, active Methodist and a mason. He married Alice Pancost on June 3,1887 and they had one daughter, Annie Marie. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1968. Located on US 277, about 15 miles N of Eldorado.


Schleicher County Courthouse 1902. Built in 1902. Burned in 1917.

Schleicher County Courthouse 1924. Current courthouse. Constructed in 1923-24, this courthouse replaced an earlier building on this site which burned in 1917. Designed by noted architect Henry T. Phelps of San Antonio, the 3-story Classical Revival structure features four half-round giant order Doric columns which support a large entablature. Native stone for the building was obtained from nearby quarries. The courthouse has been the site of numerous community events over the years. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1991.


Schleicher County Museum
100 E Murchison St
PO Box 906
Eldorado, TX 76936


Eldorado, TX 30° 51′ 36.63″ N, 100° 36′ 3.348″ W