Bogata History 1937

Botata History Written in 1937

The Town of Bogata. Bogata, Texas, a town of 1,500 people, is located in the southwestern portion of Red River County, Texas. It is surrounded by a very fine agricul­tural country which produces as its major crop, thousands of bales of cotton annually, together with large crops of corn and other feed stuffs. For the last four years the immediate territory has produced tomatoes in commercial quantities, ship­ping to northern markets in carload lots. Dairying is coming to be an important industry. The possibilities of diversified farming, including gardening and horticulture, are great. The trade territory of Bogata extends for a radius of some fifteen miles in all directions. It has fifty busi­ness establishments, including all lines common to small cities. Bogata’s population, made up for the most part of native Southerners, are hospitable, thrifty and progressive. The city has one of the finest high schools in Northeast Texas, being fully accredited and with an enrollment of 500 pupils. One railroad and two highways serve the city. Highway No. 271, when completed, will be a transcontinental highway, extending from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The other, traversing the county from east to west, will connect eastern points with the west by the most direct route through any part of Texas.

Bogata is at the door of what is believed will be the greatest oil field in the world, known as the Talco field. Only a few months ago the first well was brought in. Today more than a dozen are pumping and hundreds of other rigs are going in or are getting ready to drill. Not a dry hole has yet been drilled.

Bogata is at the door of this field, being only nine miles away, over a good highway. Ten min­utes will put one from Bogata to Talco right in the middle of the field. Hundreds of oil field workers make Bogata their residence.

Bogata has recently installed a modern sewerage system to serve the city.

The State of Texas book: one hundred years of progress 1937, page 220


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