Fort Stockton, Texas


Fort Stockton 1922. Fort Stockton, county seat of Pecos County, is located almost in the county’s center, on the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway. It has a population of 1,297. Its altitude is 3,050 feet. There is a high school with eleven grades and a corps of fourteen teachers. Students may matriculate into state universities. There are school autos for students in rural districts.

Waterworks, electric power, ice plant and telephone system—all are private companies. There is an election pending to vote bonds for municipal waterworks system.

An inexhaustible supply of pure water is obtained at depths ranging from 50 to 200 feet. Comanche Springs make a daily flow the year round of 55,000,000 gallons. These springs supply a municipal bathing pool, with the waters registering seventy-one degrees, January and July.

In regard to the climate the temperature is rather mean, winter fifty ; summer, seventy-seven. Atmosphere dry, healthful and delightful—nights always cool.

The environments in Fort Stockton are very desirable, as the laws are sedulously enforced. Gambling, drinking and other phases of immoralities are conspicuously absent. It is in all respects a family town. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Fort Stockton, TX 30° 53′ 38.5548″ N, 102° 52′ 45.5592″ W