Annetta, Texas


Anneta. In 1876, Mr. Fraser, father of L. S. Fraser, former local agent of the Railway Express Company in Weatherford, moved from Fort Worth to a point several miles east of Weatherford where he established a station and store for the convenience of freighters who came eastward with ox-wagons loaded with buffalo hides, and returned westward with merchandise for Weatherford and remote points beyond. The station was named for Mr. Fraser’s daughter, Anneta (who is now Mrs. W. L. Anderson of Fort Worth) and Mr. Fraser was first postmaster there in 1876 when the mail was brought from Fort Worth by stage coach. When the Texas and Pacific Railroad built to Weatherford in 1880, Mr. Fraser established a store over near the tracks, and the railroad adopted the name, Anneta, for the station there, as it is known today.

History of Parker County and the Double Log Cabin: being a brief symposium of the early history of Parker County, together with short biographical sketches of early settlers and their trials, Weatherford, Tex, 1937, pages 115-116


Annetta, TX 32° 42′ 33.4692″ N, 97° 40′ 34.0968″ W