LaTex, Texas


LaTex is one of the newest towns of Panola County and has done much towards the development of the extreme eastern part of the County. This busy and thriving little village is sometimes spoken of as LaTex Compressor Station. In this immense gas field that has not only been a source of wealth to many citizens of East Texas, but also Louisiana.

Construction for LaTex was started the latter part of 1924 and began operating in April 1925 by the Magnolia Gas Association. The station at that time had five 1000 horse power engines. Three more units were later added bringing the station to its present size of eight thousand horse power, with a maximum capacity of approximately 150,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day. Gas delivered from LaTex into pipe lines to Houston, Dallas, Beaumont and various towns along those lines.

There are about one hundred men employed in and around the station—all conveniences are furnished the employees and their families, making strictly a modern town with much civic beauty and pride in evidence.

The investment in this station is near a $1,000,000.00—now it is operated by the United Gas Public Service Company which is a unit of the United Gas System. – History of Panola County, 1936


32° 36′ 13.068″ N, 94° 2′ 38.292″ W