Gary History 1936

Gary History Written in 1936

Zuber was the first name given to this little town, but with the coming of the post office and later the railroad, necessitated a change as there was another town by the name of Zuber, older than this one in Texas.

The present town was created from, the community known as Mt. Bethel, so called from the Baptist church located two miles from the present town site.

In the year 1898, when the railroad from Timpson to Carthage was built, the town of Gary was founded. The railroad was built by Mr. Smith Garrison and the town was named for his grandson, Gary Sanford.

Gary has had the privilege since of boasting of two railroads—the Sante Fe and the Texas and Gulf. However, the latter has been discontinued for two years.

In the beginning there was only a large commisary that supplied the workers on the railroad and their families, but soon enterprising citizens began to build stores and the town was started.

Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Hull built and operated. the first store. Dr. Zack Daniel, a young man just beginning his medical career, built the first drug store, and still operates it, through it has changed hands a few times, one time owned by Tom Knight, deceased.

Today [1936] there are six stores, drug store, a State Bank, post office, which sends four mail carriers, several garages, and cafes, two barber shops, two tailor shops, two millinery stores, depot, gin, saw mill, blacksmith shop, Meat market and telephone office.

Among the earliest settlers are as follows: Hulls, Heatons, Brannons, Marshalls, Applegates, Fords, Worshams, Witchers, Daniels, Collins, Hodges, Graves, Halls, and Jeff and Taylor Ball, (perhaps others whose names we could not secure). These were the moving spirits in all the development of community and town activities.

With Gary’s financial reverses coming from bank failure, bank robbery and fires as well as crop failures, there has been a “comeback” staged by this citizenry, of undaunted courage and determination to keep step with time.

In 1931 Dr. Z. Daniels initiated an entirely new industry in the County—”Tomato Culture”. This has indeed been a boon as well as a boom to the town. During the growing and harvesting season it furnishes employment to hundreds. The shipping has been as follows: First year, twenty-four cars; Second year, Forty-eight cars; Third year, eighty-nine cars; Fourth year, one hundred and thirty-five cars; and this year one hundred and forty-five cars.

Gary has two fraternal organizations—Woodman and the Masonic lodge, at one time a Woodman Circle.



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