Gary City, Texas


Gary History 1936. Zuber was the first name given to this little town, but with the coming of the post office and later the railroad, necessitated a change as there was another town by the name of Zuber, older than this one in Texas.

The present town was created from, the community known as Mt. Bethel, so called from the Baptist church located two miles from the present town site.

In the year 1898, when the railroad from Timpson to Carthage was built, the town of Gary was founded. The railroad was built by Mr. Smith Garrison and the town was named for his grandson, Gary Sanford.

Gary has had the privilege since of boasting of two railroads—the Sante Fe and the Texas and Gulf. However, the latter has been discontinued for two years. Continue reading Gary History from 1936 >>


Gary City, TX 32° 1′ 51.9996″ N, 94° 22′ 1.9992″ W