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DeBerry History 1936

DeBerry History Written in 1936

The community of DeBerry had its origin sometime in the year of 1878. In much the same way all the other communities that grew to towns or villages—by the residences first of log, and then remodeled with lumber, being built close together for convenience.

Sabine River made it inconvenient to reach Carthage in its earlier history—roads were narrow and rough—wagons were the popular ways of transportation. These conditions led to the organization of the present town called DeBerry for Captain or Lawyer DeBerry as he was often referred to. He had, signal honor conferred on him. He was the first Secretary of State after the Civil War. During Governor Cokes administration. He resided in Carthage, Texas and his law office was on the site of the Grimes residence, known to early citizens as the "Snow Home", the oldest landmark of that town.

Steil, Furrh and Rogers Company established a big business there Paul and Molt Anderson also had businesses located here at that time. Others, Jack Rogers and Monroe Caddenhead, and his son. The story is told that Monroe Cadenhead had a very large farm one and one-half miles from the present town site. He was quite successful and at the time of his death he had $16,000.00 in gold buried under his crib.

Some settlers that were here as early as 1835 were Hills, Blacks, Wooleys and Rutledges. Others came from different states at different times. Some of these are Andersons, Strouds, Tedlocks, Miss D. Anderson and Mrs. Leila Cadenhead. There has been a post office since a very early date.

Among the earlier doctors there were: Dr. Jesse Herndon, Dr. Wells and Dr. T. L. Turk. Later Dr. Flanagan served his town for a number of years. The Baptist Church was the earliest organized with one service a month. Education and high ideals of life have ever been preeminent in the hearts and minds of the people of DeBerry.

Several landmarks had to be destroyed in building of Highway 64 which makes traffic in this. place much greater than ever anticipated by the earlier settlers.

There are neighboring communities that have always done a most substantial and worthy contribution to the County. They are Deadwood and Tacoma. Some of the families that have contributed greatly are as follows: LaGrones, Alexanders, Holts, Rays, Ivys, Davis, Jernigans, Jeters, Smarts, Drys and Staples.

A large per cent of this part of the County is under cultivation and is noted for its bumper crops and its up-to-date farming methods. Good schools are the pride of each, and school busses convey the high school boys and girls to the Carthage High Schools.

Sons and daughters from these ambitious people have taken their places in various parts of the state in different professional fields.

- History of Panola County, 1936


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