Clayton, Texas


Clayton 1936. Among the earlier settlers in Clayton that pioneered business, church and school life for those of late yesterday and today were: Reeds, Carikers, Fites, Satterwhites, Hayes, Waltons, Sheppards, Morrises, Blacks, Guinns, Halls, Heaths, Hewitts, Pages, Phillips, Longs, Ashs, McClendons, Lawrences, Jarells, Banks, Nelson, Hoistons, Davises, Dukes, Carmichael, Mauritzens, Ross and others perhaps whose names we have been unable to get.

Among the first preachers were: Elder W. H. Hays, J. F. McClendon, and J B. Mauritzen. The first doctors were: Drs. Hall, Carlton, Lassiter and Deason; etc. Some of these descendants of the pioneers are represented are adding honor and worthy appreciation to these courageous forefathers, in various vocations including ministers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and teachers scattered throughout the Lone Star State.

This is among the oldest organized town in Panola County located, on the original site. Too, no place will there be found a populace that has a keener interest in the church, school and community life. Clayton keeps apace in all enterprises for substantial growth and in a conservative manner. Some of the county’s largest farms and most independent farmers are found near this little town—Clayton. Continue reading Clayton History from 1936 >>


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