Carthage, Texas


Carthage History 1936. Pulaskie on the east side of the Sabine River was once the county seat of Panola County. Dissatisfaction arose asto the location. In 1849 Carthage, which is located within two miles of the geographical center of the county was selected by public vote. One hundred acres were donated by Mr. Jonathan Anderson of Shelby County. Mr. Anderson crossed the Sabine River in. 1819, at Logansport, Louisiana, on the day he was twenty-one years old and settled a few miles from the present site of Carthage, Which was then known as a part of Shelby County. This fine pioneer citizen lived to the ripe old age of ninety-one years.

Carthage was named by Major Holland; and Panola County, by Judge John Allison, each in memory of their native state—Mississippi—the former for his “home town” and the latter for his “native county.” Continue Reading Carthage History Written in 1936 >>

Carthage School History 1923-1936. Carthage city schools are the pride of the entire citizenery. Among the superintendents that have ever had the schools interest at heart and making progress under many handicaps were as follows: Superintendents Logan, Escoe, A. J. Holmes, D. Warren, Covert, Anse Cooke, Taylor, Tom H. Tuttle, J. C. Alsup, and Q. M. Martin, the present superintendent. The fuller report of the schools growth is given for the past twelve years. Continue Reading Carthage School History >>


Images of America: Carthage, 2009, by Bill O’Neal. See part of the book on line at Google Books.


Carthage, TX 32° 9′ 26.5824″ N, 94° 20′ 14.712″ W