Beckville, Texas


The History of Beckville. The original town of Beckville was located one mile east, of new Beckville, but did not remain a permanent location due to, the fact that there was not a railroad. The old settlers were very opposed to a railroad, because they thought it would bring too many strangers into their quiet little town, and too it would change their mode of living. Some of the progressive thought differently, and a railroad was established in 1888. Mr. John Appling offered to give the land for the town site, but the railroad refused to build a station at this particular place. Vilias was first thought as the name far the new town but later Beckville became the name of the village in honor of a Mr. Beck. The day the first train came through, the railroad company offered the lady passengers a pass to Carthage as the citizens of Carthage were staging a dance and dinner in honor of the railroad. The train came into the Beckville station puffing and roaring to find all the ladies dressed in their best attire but frightened to the extent that their husbands had to hold them. The passenger cars were crudely built resembling a freight car with planks for seats. The party stayed until eleven o’clock in the evening awaiting the return journey on the train. Continue reading Beckville History from 1936 >>


Beckville, TX 32° 14′ 34.5732″ N, 94° 27′ 19.7208″ W