Navarro County History 1858

Navarro County History Written in 1858

Navarro County. The Pacific railroad line runs through the centre of this county. Its organization is of recent date, but it has already become quite populous. This is a prairie country, with timber on the streams : soil is excellent for all the grains, and more especially for wheat. It is said that three times as much wheat is sown this year (1857) as last. Corn is worth seventy-five cents per bushel ; the wants of recent emigrants keeping up the price much above the cost of production. Pork usually sells for about four cents per pound. The expense of getting goods from Houston is 121 cents per pound.

An abundance of good and low-priced land can be bought in Navarro ; and emigrants will find a cordial welcome, abundance of supplies, and a healthful climate, and, what is quite as important, good society.

Distance from Houston to centre of county is 175 miles, from Galveston 200 miles, and from Matagorda 250 miles.

The lands of this county are universally fertile, and easy of cultivation, the water good, and stock range excellent. Corn, beef, and pork are, at this date (Feb. 1857), abundant and cheap; and there will be no lack for the incoming emigration of this year. There are three steam-mills in operation, sawing lumber, and grinding wheat and corn. The flour of this and the adjoining counties is superior to any that we get from abroad. Corsicana is the county-seat, and a place of considerable importance : there is a Presbyterian church, a female school edifice, a Masonic and an Odd-Fellows’ lodge, two taverns, two drug-stores, ten lawyers, and half-a-dozen doctors, more or less. The town of Dresden is fourteen miles west of Corsicana, in a densely populated neighborhood, and surrounded by rich lands. Taos is situated on the Trinity river, eighteen miles from Corsicana, and lies at the crossing of the Pacific railroad.

Navarro is one of the most thriving counties of the State and was, but a few years since, an untraversed wilderness. – Braman’s information about Texas, 1858