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Bazette History 1933

Bazette History Written in 1933

Bazette. Among some other settlements that were contemporary with Taos was Bazette's Crossing, at which point a ferry was operated by an early settler from which the ferry took its name. There was no settlement at the location of the ferry but after the ferry had been in operation some few years a settlement called Bazette grew up a few miles West of the crossing. Soon it was found that a school and church were needed and an old fashioned log rolling was held and the house which served as both the seat of education and religious worship was built, being replaced a few years later by a still better edifice which is still known as Prairie Point Church. About 1872 a Mr. Elliston built a store and a post office was established and called Bazette. Parson Hickman, a Hardshell Baptist preacher, lived there and John Street. Two of the early teachers were a Mr. Hook and a Mr. Flowers. In the same building services were conducted for the Cumberland Presbyterians by the Rev. Modrall ; for Baptists by Revs. Hines, Puryear, Simmons, Compere, Freeman and Muffins.

This settlement was closely indentified with the Westbrook family which lived near here for several generations, the Popes, Banks, McCluneys, McFaddens were also early settlers. Middleton Westbrook's pasture was known far and near as a sanctuary for wild game for many years.

Early records speak of many herds of cattle going from Bazette Crossing to Shreveport and the Bazette road was the main road East and West at that time.

History of Navarro County, 1933, by Annie Carpenter Love


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