Harmony, Texas

Harmony, on State Highway 7, is located eight miles southwest of Nacogdoches in southwestern Nacogdoches County.


Harmony was established before 1900. By 1904 it had two schools, one with seventy-two black students and one with fifty-seven white. A post office operated in the community’s general store from 1911 to 1919. In the mid-1930s Harmony had the two schools, as well as two stores and a number of houses. After World War II, many of its residents moved away, but as late as the mid-1960s the site still had a store, a church, and a number of scattered houses. The 1983 county highway map showed a business at Harmony, with a church and cemetery nearby. Source: Handbook of Texas Online.


31° 31′ 44.652″ N, 94° 46′ 11.748″ W