Moore County History 1922

Moore County History Written in 1922

Moore County. Organized July 6, 1892, Moore County in 1890 had a population of 15; in 1900, 209 ; in 1910, 561, and in 1920, 571. That the county has not yet attracted settlers in any considerable numbers is chiefly due to the lack of transportation. The county seat and chief town of the county is Dumas.

For the past twenty years the ranchers have employed windmills to draw water from the abundant underground supply, only for stock purposes and for irrigating small gardens and fruit orchards. The limited agriculture has depended hitherto on the natural rainfall and the usual Panhandle methods of cultivation. The amount of “improved land” in 1910 was 22,000 acres, as compared with about 1,700 acres in 1900. In the same period the number of farms increased from 57 to 95. The total area of the county is 589,440 acres, of which 93,278 acres were occupied in farms or ranches in 1900. In 1910 the number of cattle enumerated was 7,017; about 1,450 horses and mules ; 1,290 hogs ; and 1,759 sheep ; in 1920 the number was 24,535 cattle, 2,380 horses and mules, 1,930 sheep. Outside of 2,345 acres planted in kaffir corn and milo maize in 1909, crop acreage was limited to a small amount in hay, oats and wheat. The property assessment in 1903 was $831,651; in 1913, $2,204,116; in 1920, $1,862,070. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


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