Center City, Texas


Settled in 1864 by the families of William Jenkins and David Morris (1811-89), this community was called “Hughes Store” after W. C. Hughes and his wife opened a store here in the 1870s. They platted a townsite in 1876, hoping to attract the railroad and to become county seat. An ancient live oak (100 yds. S), by tradition once considered the center of Texas, was site of temporary court and school sessions and religious services. Renamed “Center City”, this thriving town boasted several stores and businesses until the railroad bypassed it in 1885. The post office remained until 1920. Historical marker erected 1977. Marker located on Hwy 84, about 8.5 miles east (marker on south side of road).

Center City United Methodist Church. In the early 1870s, shortly after the founding of Center City (first known as Hughes Store), a circuit riding preacher ministered in the area. Charter members officially formed a Methodist church in 1878. Members first met in the community’s masonic lodge building before completing construction of a facility in 1901. From its early days, the congregation was committed to serving the community. By the 1950s, members partnered with other churches to work with youth and to focus on foreign missions. In 1952, members moved into a new church building. Today, the congregation continues to serve as a spiritual leader in the community of Center City. Historical marker erected 2008.

Center City Cemetery. The Center City Cemetery began with the burials in 1874 of Julia M. Bishop and M. E. Hughes, the adult and infant daughters of W. C. and Caroline Hughes, early settlers of this area. Judge L. E. Patterson purchased 2.5 acres containing the Hughes burials in 1905 for use as a community graveyard. Concern for its upkeep prompted the establishment of a cemetery committee in 1951. A $1000 gift to the cemetery in J. M. Dalton’s will in 1967 helped establish a maintenance fund. The more than 500 burials recorded here include those of many of this area’s earliest settlers. Historical marker erected 1993.


31° 28′ 12.1872″ N, 98° 24′ 36.1008″ W