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Vandenburg, Texas


Vandenburg History 1857. Vandenburg, has been lately deserted by most of its in­habitants, after they had built themselves houses and brought a consider­able quantity of land into cultivation, because the creek on which they de­pended for water was found to fail in the summer. One of those who re­mained attempted to dig a well. He reached a depth of 135 feet, and then finding no water, gave it up. A few days afterward water was observed to have collected in the bottom, and the well gradually filled until it now stands constant within fifteen feet of the surface of the ground, enabling him and a neighbor or two to keep up their farms. - Olmstead’s Account in 1857, A Twentieth Century History of Southwest Texas; Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1907, pages 186-187

Vandenburg was abandoned for New Fountain in 1846 -


29° 23' 27.816" N, 99° 8' 1.572" W