Lynn County History 1922

Lynn County History Written in 1922

Lynn County was created in 1876, but was not organized until April. 1903, with Tahoka as the county seat. While cattlemen employed its area to a limited degree for grazing purposes, there was no development to speak of and little population until the present century. The county had nine inhabitants in 1880, 24 in 1890, 17 in 1900, but by 1910 its population was 1,713; in 1920, 4,751. For many years the nearest railroad was the Texas & Pacific, seventy-five miles to the south. The influx of stock and agricultural settlers began about ten years ago, and the notable developments which centered in Hale and Lubbock counties to the north gradually extended to include Lynn County. In 1910-11 the Pecos & Northern Texas main line was built across the northeast corner of Lynn County, and subsequently a branch of the same road was extended south through the center of Lynn County, with Tahoka as one of its stations. Since the construction of this road the movement of homeseekers into this section has been heavy and a start has been made in the development of the varied resources. Although prominent as a cattle country, the excellent supply of underground water offers many possibilities for agricultural and horticultural development.

In 1900 only five farms and ranches were reported in the county ; by 1910 the number was 201. The total area of the county is 552,960 acres, of which 260,792 acres were included in farms in 1910, and about 20,000 acres of “improved land,” as compared with only 246 acres in 1900. The live stock in 1910 was 11,182 cattle, and about 2,100 horses and mules. In 1920, 26,663 cattle, 3,050 horses and mules were enumerated. In 1909, 1,976 acres were planted in kaffir corn and milo maize, 1,076 acres in corn, 1,003 acres in cotton, and there were about 6,400 orchard fruit trees.

The value of taxable property in 1903 was $947,630; in 1913, $2,082,007; and in 1920, $3,992,915. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


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