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Shallowater, Texas

Shallowater is on State Highway 84 and the Santa Fe line, twelve miles northwest of Lubbock in Lubbock County.


As early as 1909 J. C. (Jim) Bowles, whose ranch was adjacent to the site of what is now Shallowater, persuaded Bob Crump, a member of a ranching family, to help form a townsite company and attract a railroad to go through the area. Land was purchased for the townsite on May 18, 1909. A school was built at that time. After Santa Fe railroad officials received a bonus from rancher George W. Littlefield of the Yellow House Ranch, negotiations were finally completed.

Photo: On June 26, 1913, a celebration was held to note the founding of Shallowater and the completion of the Santa Fe railroad line.  The Lubbock band played for the celebration.  Shallowater is celebrating it's 100th anniversary today.
Shallowater, Texas June 26, 1913.  Photo from the Historic Lubbock County Facebook page

The originators of the plan, and other interested individuals, formed the Ripley Townsite Company, which was named after a Santa Fe railroad official and was incorporated on May 22, 1909. The company decided to name the new town Shallowater to attract settlers. On June 26, 1913, a celebration was held to note the founding of the town and completion of the railroad. During the 1920s Shallowater grew rapidly, and the town had a hotel, a lumberyard, and various filling stations, grocery stores, cotton gins, drugstores, barbershops, garages, blacksmith shops, and other businesses. Continue reading Shallowater History from the Handbook of Texas Online >>

Town Histories

"Early History of Shallowater," in the Museum Journal 12, 1970, by Don Casey.


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Shallowater, TX 33° 41' 20.3028" N, 101° 59' 53.6208" W