Worthing, Texas


Worthing. Following the Civil War, many of the original Anglo settlers to the area were gradually replaced by German and Czech immigrants eager to grow corn and cotton on small family farms. In 1882, Joseph Orsak established a steam-powered cotton gin. He quickly sold the gin to J.F. Kutach and opened a grocery store. After Orsak was shot to death in December 1882, his widow sold the store to Fabian Arthur Worthing who later sold it to Joseph A. Kutach. Worthing, one of the few remaining Anglos in the area, was named postmaster in April 1882 and the post office was established as Worthing. The name changed to Orsak when Joseph Orsak became postmaster but was re-established as Worthingin 1892. The post office functioned until 1904 when mail was routed to Hallettsville. J.A. Kutach expanded his store with additional buildings in 1909 and later sold the property to Louis Kutach in 1912. In 1936, Louis Kutach demolished the old store and built a new, modern general store closer to the highway. The store remained in business for several years under different management. In the late 1940s, Worthingnative Blase Konvicka opened a new store with a gas station. Over the years, Konvicka added an open-air dance platform and a barbershop. His store served as a meeting place for the local butcher club. In 1901, the Agricultural Benevolent Society of St. Isidore was formed to provide support and fellowship to local farmers and their families. Worthingwas also a community interested in music and entertainment complete with a band, movie theater, and local events such as picnics, but beginning in the 1950s, the shift from small family farms signaled the decline of Worthing. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 2011. Located at 1341 US Hwy 77A South.


29° 24′ 47.88″ N, 97° 0′ 53.928″ W