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Knox County Courthouses

Benjamin, the county seat, has been the home of three Knox County Courthouses.

Knox County Courthouse, 1886 - First courthouse, a small box-and-strip building. Originally two rooms, then the courthouse was enlarged.. Replaced in 1888.

Knox County Courthouse, Benjamin, Texas early 1900s
Knox County Courthouse, Benjamin, Texas 1888

Knox County Courthouse, 1888 - Second courthouse. Two story, Built of native stone by Ferrier Brothers & Wirz, used until 1935.

Original Old Rock Courthouse Cornerstone. Erected in Benjamin in 1891 [or 1888], when the officials of Knox County were: J.J. Truscott - judge; W.H. Benedict, T.P. Reeder, J.A. Spinks, G.B. Stewart, commissioners; T.D. Isbell - sheriff. Rock structure, replacing wooden courthouse of 1886, was in use until 1935. (1967) Incise in base: Presented by M. J. Spinks, Dallas - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1967. Located on the Courthouse Square, southeast corner, Highway 82, Benjamin.

Knox County Courthouse, Benjamin, Texas late 1930s
Knox County Courthouse, Benjamin, Texas late 1930s

Knox County Courthouse, 1935 - Current courthouse.  Modern style structure, designed by Voelcker & Dixon, architects and built by Dolph-Bateson Construction Co., as part of a Public Works Project.


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