Dolores, Texas


Dolores Townsite. Only settlement founded in John Charles Beales’ ill-fated Rio Grande colony of 1834-1836. Beales (1804-1878) — empresario of 70,000,000 acres in present Southern and Western Texas and New Mexico — was Texas’ largest known land king. In 1833 he and a partner brought 59 settlers here to colonize a town to be named for Beales’ Mexican wife. Indian raids and drouth soon took their toll, but the death blow came in 1836. As the group fled the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution, Comanches killed all but 7 of one party. This ended the town’s existence. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1970. Located at a rest area off of Highway 90 and 8-9 miles west of Brackettville.


29° 18′ 19.6308″ N, 100° 25′ 24.1212″ W