Kimble County Courthouses

Courthouse History

Kimble County has been home to two county seats and three courthouses.

Kimble County Courthouse, Junction, Texas 1885-1929
Second Kimble County Courthouse
Kimble County Courthouse, Junction, Texas 1950s
Third and Current Kimble County Courthouse

The first county seat was Kimbleville, although no courthouse was erected in the town. During the year that Kimbleville was the county seat court was held under the trees near the Llano River. The following year, 1877, the county seat moved to Junction.

First Kimble County Courthouse, Junction.  Two story frame structure built in 1878. The building burned on April 22, 1884, destroying all of the county’s records. Kimble County Courthouse Fire, 1884.

Second Kimble County Courthouse, Junction.  The second Kimble County Courthouse was built in 1885 at a cost of 14,500 with Alfred Giles as the architect and J. M. Piper as the building’s contractor.  This two-story stone building was gutted by fire in the early morning hours of June 2, 1888; however the walls were left standing and building was rebuilt. The county’s record’s were protected in a fireproof safe, and were not destroyed. Some were damaged and had to be recopied.  This building would serve the county until 1929, when the State Building Inspector observed that “the building has settled irregularly, causing cracks in many places from the bottom to the top of the walls. The walls at the joist on the second floor are cracking from vibration.  In the present condition… if there should be much vibration or a heavy wet snow, this roof would be liable to collapse.” Kimble County Courthouse Fire, 1888.

Third Kimble County Courthouse, Junction. The third (and current) Kimble County Courthouse was built in 1929. The building was renovated and expanded in 1974.

The third courthouse to serve Kimble County, this structure was designed by San Antonio architect Henry Truman Phelps (1871-1944). Between 1904 and the early 1930s, Phelps designed courthouses in more than ten Texas counties. While he based the Kimble County courthouse on Classical plans, its features are expressive of a new era in architectural design. By the late 1920s Phelps’ designs had evolved to reflect the influences of the Art Moderne style. This is evidenced by the building’s geometric ornament, cast stone pilasters and stepped parapet and square pattern belt course. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 2000.

Courthouse Information

Kimble County Courthouse
501 Main Street
Junction, TX 76849-4763
Phone: 915-446-3353

County Clerk has birth and death records from 1900, marriage, divorce, land and court records from 1884, probate records from early 1900’s and military records from 1915


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