Ivy Community, Texas


The Ivy Community was named for Sam, Jack and BobI, brothers who moved to Kimble County in 1883. S. H. Ivy deeded two acres of land in 1898 for a school site and a structure was built nearby. In 1917 Ivy donated another tract of land, and a schoolhouse was built that year. The building also served as a community chapel and preachers held services once or twice a month. The building was the site of social gatherings, such as box suppers, and was used as a voting place. Although Ivy School was consolidated with nearby London School in 1939, the chapel continues to serve the area. – Historical Marker Text, Ivy School and Chapel. Marker erected 1996. Location: 3.3 mi. south of London on US 377, 5.4 mi. SE on FM 385, 1.8 miles west on CR 314.


30° 32′ 51.8496″ N, 99° 35′ 41.3376″ W