Bradbury Settlement, Texas

Bradbury Settlement was located 2 miles above the forks of North and South Llano Rivers, near Junction. Map location (above) is approximate.


Bradbury Settlement. One of earliest Kimble County communities. Opened by James Bradbury, Sr., a frontiersman. Between 1850 and 1864 he moved here from Williamson County with six children, after death of his wife. He erected several picket or log buildings, and had blacksmith shop for repairing guns and tools.Main business was ranching. Diet included fish, game, honey and bear meat cured as bacon. Five other men (some with families) lived nearby. Bradbury was killed in 1872 in an Indian fight. In 1875 his land was bought and occupied by Dr. E.K. Kountz and family. (2 mi. above forks of N. and S. Llano rivers) – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1970. Marker located on US 377, 1.7 miles SW of Courthouse (adjacent to city cemetery).


30° 29′ 51.684″ N, 99° 45′ 24.948″ W