Alvarado History 1922

Alvarado History Written in 1922

Alvarado was established in 1854. The town site was donated by W. Balch. It was named by Abe Onstott, first sheriff of Johnson County, in honor of a brave Spanish officer by the name of Alvarado, who fought with the Texans in the Mexican war.

The present population is 1,284, and the assessed valuation is $1,118,000.

It has a large three-story brick high school building with an enrollment of 500 pupils. There are two banks, the First National, which is the oldest national bank in the county, and the Alvarado State Bank. There is a cotton seed oil mill of large capacity, a custom grist mill, five cotton gins, a mattress factory and an ice plant, also the usual complement of mercantile houses.

Alvarado is at the junction of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas and the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railways and two state highways, the Colorado to Gulf and the Dallas to Glen Roseroads. It has a good system of water works and electric lights, and a survey is now being made for a sewer system.

Alvarado is situated on the east side of the cross timbers. where sand lands prevail, and on the east the rich black lands stretch out into Dallas and Ellis counties. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


32° 24′ 23.508″ N, 97° 12′ 42.048″ W