Delta Plain, Texas

Delta Plain. A severe drought in the mid-1880s brought Baylor County rancher T. J. Braidfoot to this area in search of better conditions for his cattle. In 1887, with the support of J. R. McLain of Seymour, he founded the settlement of Della Plain at this site. Other early contributors to the town’s development included Seymour residents I. R. Darnell and Dr. L. T. Wilson. Named for J. S. McLain’s daughter Della and for the surrounding terrain, it was hoped the town would become the county seat when Floyd County was formally organized. Della Plain became an early agricultural center for the region and was soon the site of a school, church, post office, stores and a newspaper, the “Della Plain Review.” Growth, however, was limited by an inadequate water supply and by the establishment of the nearby towns of Lockney (1889) and Floydada (1890). Rapid decline began after Floydada was named the seat of Floyd County in 1890. Four years later the community cemetery was all that remained of Della Plain. Despite its brief history, the pioneer town had a dramatic impact on the region. Its residents led in the later development of the county and nearby cities. Their descendants still live in the area. (1982, 1987) Historical Marker text, 1982. Marker location: from Floydada, take SH 207 about 5 miles to intersection with FM 786.


floydada, TX 34° 3′ 50.4468″ N, 101° 19′ 15.5676″ W