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Warrenton, Texas


Warrenton History 1902. Warrenton lies about thirteen miles northeast of La Grange on the La Grange Round Top road. It is located on the J. Shaw league. The surrounding country is rich blackland prairie, one of the finest agricultural sections of the county. The town was founded in the early sixties and named after Warren Ligon War­renton. The Warrenton school is under the able management of Prof. Meitzen.

There are two churches in the town, the Lutheran, of which Rev. Grosse is the pastor, and the Catholic, in which Rev. J. Chromcik of Fayetteville preaches. Two lodges are at the place: Woodmen, Wm. Neese, M. W., Chas. Brendle, secretary, and Sons of Hermann.

Warrenton consists of two stores, two blacksmith shops, one gin and one saloon. Two physicians reside there. Of the gen­tlemen who thought well enough of the aim of the author to edit a book on Fayette county to the extent of patronizing him with an ad, he names Chas. Franz, the popular postmaster of War­renton, who is O. K. and treats you O. K. Dr. Robt. H. Sey­mour is a learned physician, an old resident of Warrenton, and stands well among the people as well as among his colleagues. He is an Irishman, a good scholar and one of the few who are still versed in the Gaelic language. He is a leading democrat of that section of the county.

Wm. Trueper is the proprietor of an up-to-date saloon and a fine hall that serves for balls, theatrical performances, public meetings, etc. The hall is situated in a beautiful park. Robert Voelkel is the proprietor of two meat markets, one at Warrenton and one at Oldenburg. He supplies these two communities with fresh meat twice a week. Marshall B. O'Bar is the ginner of the place and has been in the business for about thirty years.

Warrenton was first named Neese's store. Mr. Wm. Neese, sr., the proprietor of the store, was killed by a negro burglar in 1872. After his death the Lutheran Church of. that place was built and the place received its present name Warrenton, after Warren Ligon, an old settler.

The population of the place is now German and Bohemian, with a sprinkling of Americans among them. First and old settlers: Joel W. Robison (deceased), D. Ahrens, Warren Ligon (deceased), John Speckels, sr. (deceased), John White, W. S. Rose, ------ Randall, ------ Spencer, H. Moellenberndt, Conrad Tiemann, Conrad Moellenberndt, Albert Kaltwasser, Dr. Mc-Gown, C. Letzerich, Friedr. Oetken, Rev. Rich. Atkinson, - Bohms, Martin Dippel, ------ Weikel, M. B. O'Bar, ----- Bell. - Fayette County, Her History and Her People, Schulenburg, Texas, 1902


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