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Rutersville, Texas


Rutersville History 1902. Rutersville lies about six miles northeast of La Grange in the fertile Rutersville prairie, hog wallow land, near the banks of Rocky Creek. It is located on the Franklin Lewis league. Rutersville is an old historic place. In the early days it was a competitor for the capital of the Republic of Texas. At that time there was a military school owned by the state under the management of Prof. Forshea and a female college under the management of Supt. Thrall at Rutersville. On account of these schools, the town was a local option precinct. These schools were closed during the Civil War and not reopened thereafter. A stock company bought the college and sold it to the Lutheran congregation; they sold it to the Methodists, who for a long time used it for a school.

Rutersville consists of a store, a saloon, a gin and a black­smith and wheelwright shop. It is a voting place of the county and a postoffice. Mr. G. D. Wessels is the owner of a fine hall for. dancing, the best in the county. He also is the owner of a first-class saloon.

The Rutersville country was settled by Americans and Ger­mans, but now the country is almost entirely German with a sprinkling of Bohemians. Old settlers: C. Amberg, sr. (de­ceased), Geo. Mauer, B. W, Hobson (deceased), M. Luecke, W. Hancord, the Mohrhusens, H. Harms, Carl Schulz, R. Pohl, L, Struve, Joe Brendel. - Fayette County, Her History and Her People, Schulenburg, Texas, 1902


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