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Halsted, Texas


Halsted History 1902. Halsted is the name of a station about six and a half miles east of La Grange on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad and two miles and a half north of the Colorado River. The immediate surrounding country is sandy postoak and gravel and serves mostly for pasture, but a short distance south of it lies the fertile Colorado River bottom and north of it the very fertile Rutersville prairie. In its immediate neighborhood lie also some very fertile bottom lands of Baylor and Wuerzner's Creek. Halsted is a postoffice and has telephone connection, daily mail and freight and passenger service. Mr. J. H. Wessels established his mercantile business at that place in 1896. He is also the proprietor of a saloon, a large lumber yard and a first-class gin, equipped with all modern improvements, In fact, he and his employees are Halsted. In 1900 it became a postoffice. The voting is done at Biegel. The neighborhood of Halsted was settled long before the place was established. Among the oldest settlers of the neighborhood, P. Heller, C. Halfinger, B. December, L. Struve, Robt. Pohl, Mrs. A. Wolle may be mentioned. The population is German with a sprinkling of Bohemians. - Fayette County, Her History and Her People, Schulenburg, Texas, 1902


29° 54' 26.82" N, 96° 46' 53.904" W