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Biegel, Texas


Biegel History 1902. Biegel lies about eight miles east of La Grange on the La Grange-Fayetteville road, between Cedar and Baylor Creek. The surrounding country is sandy and gravel postoak. The better portions and the creek bottom lands are cultivated, the balance serves for pasture. Biegel settlement is one of the oldest settlements in Fayette County. It was founded by Joseph Biegel in 1832. It is a voting precinct and since 1875 a post-office. Mr. Theo. Kroll is the postmaster and merchant in that place. This mercantile business was established by his father, Mr. H. Kroll, in 1866, and is the oldest mercantile business in the county. From 1862 to 1866 Mr. Kroll also ran a distillery, the only distillery ever run in Fayette county, to the knowledge of the writer. In the earlier times Biegel used to be quite a prominent place. The dances, balls and feasts that were arranged there acquired quite a reputation and attracted guests from miles afar. The feasts now-a-days are given under the auspices of the Biegel shooting club, which was organized in 1872. The founders of this club were Theo, Kroll, Geo. Siebrecht, Louis Struve and Geo. Mauer. Its officers now are R. December,
president, and Otto Kirsch, secretary.

Among the first settlers of Biegel were: B. Sherer; the first commissioner of that precinct (deceased); his son, August; C. Halfinger, J. O. Tschiedel, Carl Wolle and ---- Struve, a Russian officer who published his autobiography, full of adventures.

Fayette County, Her History and Her People, Schulenburg, Texas, 1902


29° 52' 10.164" N, 96° 43' 20.388" W