Scranton, Texas


Scranton Academy. A private, coeducational school organized in 1903 to augment Scranton Public School (opened 1887). Scranton, a small farming-ranching community, was only 13 years old when citizens founded the academy, by public subscription. The school expanded rapidly, reaching an enrollment of 325 by 1910. At its peak all grade levels (then numbering 11) were taught. First president, O.C. Britton, presided 1903-1908. He was followed by W.W. Griffin (1909), S.P. Collins (1910-1911), and J.E. Temple Peters (1911-1915). Under Peters, courses were standardized, a science program begun, and a modern laboratory and library added. Later presidents were J.W. Hawkins (1916), and L.E. Ratten (1917). Among early trustees were G.W. Bailey, F.G. Boyd, A.P. Brown, W.D. Clinton, W.T. Gattis, E.B. Lane, J.J. Ray, W.T. Rutherford, A.M. Sprawls, J.R. Sprawls, and John L. Woods. In addition to basic subjects, school offered a teacher training program. Physical plant consisted of a large classroom building, a 500-seat auditorium, two dormitories, scientific laboratory, and library. During its lifetime, the academy contributed much to the town’s culture and its graduates entered many different walks of life. It closed with the advent of World War I in 1917. Historical Marker for Scranton Academy, located on FM 1864, 12 miles southwest of Cisco.


Scranton, TX 32° 18′ 18.468″ N, 99° 6′ 25.236″ W