Eastland County Courthouses

First Courthouse 1874

The first courthouse for Eastland County was built in the town of Merriman, also known as the Flannagan’s Ranch headquarters. It has been called ‘The Rawhide Courthouse’ because it was constructed form rawhide lumber that was rough-sawn and hides nailed to the outside of the building to stop the weather from coming through the large cracks. It has been said that a Mr. Norton of the city of Olden bought the courthouse and tore it down to use the lumber in his own home in Olden. – Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

Second Courthouse 1883

The second courthouse was built on the courthouse square in Eastland in 1883. It was constructed of red sandstone by architect James Edward Flanders. The courthouse was destroyed by fire November 7, 1896. All of the county’s records were saved. The stone was reused in the Eastland County Jail.

Eastland County Courthouse Fire, Nov 1896 at gendisasters.com.

Third Courthouse 1897

The third courthouse was a Romanesque-style brick building, built in 1897, in Eastland. It was raised in 1928.

Fourth (and Current) Courthouse 1928

The fourth (and current) courthouse is a 7-story brick and cast concrete structure with Art Deco friezes and panels. Top floor incorporated into elaborate and symbolic Art Deco ‘cornice.’ Cornerstone was laid on May 12, 1928.