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Cisco History 1922. Cisco has gained the reputation of being one of the cleanest and most healthful cities in the state, and its citizens are notably progressive. One of the newest ,enterprises in addition to the reservoir is the construction of a $250,000 high school, the funds for which have been voted and the bonds approved by the attorney general. The city hall is a neat, substantial brick building. Cisco is not, strictly speaking, an oil town, but rather a source of supplies for the surrounding oil country, and a neat, quiet and attractive residence place for the better class of oil men. Continue Reading Cisco History Written in 1922 >>

Cisco College. O.C. Britton opened Cisco’s first college in 1909, with a campus established on 212 acres of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad survey. The school closed after the onset of World War I, and the site was used by a series of three later colleges that opened and closed by 1938. Understanding the importance of higher education, Cisco residents encouraged the Texas Legislature to establish Cisco Junior College as part of the Cisco Independent School District in 1939. The college functioned as a branch of the school district until 1956. The school has flourished, and a free-standing Abilene campus was constructed in 2003. The institution’s name was changed to Cisco College in 2009, and it remains a vital part of the local and regional community.

Businesses. City Hotel, Eppler Bros. Meat Market, Cisco Mercantile, Hart & Davis Grocers, J. H. Holcomb & Co. Dry Goods, Stephens House, T. J. Worthington Furniture, Cisco Land and COllection Agency More Businesses Listed in the Cisco Business Directory 1889 >>

First National Bank. Scene of daring Santa Claus Bank Robbery, Dec. 23, 1927. During Christmas festivities, costumed Santa and three fellow bandits looted bank of $12,200 cash, $150,000 in securities. They escaped through gun battle with two little girls as hostages. A three-day manhunt followed. The children and money were recovered; the robbers captured. Six persons were killed, eight injured. Later a mob lynched “Santa” when he broke out of jail. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1967.

Old Mobley Hotel. First hotel owned by Conrad Hilton, who proceeded to become “The World’s Foremost Innkeeper”. Built in 1916, who sold out (1919) during Cisco’s great oil boom to Hilton, then a 32-year-old ex-legislator and banker from New Mexico. On night of purchase Hilton “dreamed of Texas wearing a chain of Hilton hotels”. In time reality outran that dream. Hotel was in use many years after sale by Hilton in 1925. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1970

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The Kean Home. Construction on this home began soon after the destructive Cisco tornado of 1893. Originally built for George and Carrie Langston, it was purchased in 1899 by Edward Everett Kean (1857-1942). A dry goods merchant, Kean had come to Cisco in 1889 and was active in community affairs. This house, which features Eastlake influences, particularly in the decorative woodwork, remained in the Kean Family for more than 70 years. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1985. Located at 309 W. 6th St, Cisco.

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