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Cisco, Texas Business Directory 1889

CISCO (1889)

EASTLAND COUNTY. A thriving city situated within 1.5 miles of the geographical center of the State of Texas. The surrounding county is very productive, sometimes two crops of grain being made in one year. The city has two lines of railroads passing through it; public schools, churches, etc., and a population of about 1,500.

Ayres & Rhinehart, restaurant
Baion & Hines, livery stable
Caldwell R W, hides, wool and grain
Champion Bros (J M and J D) confectionery
Chandler W D, gen mdse
Cisco Land and Collection Agency, J R Fleming pres, F C Le Veaux treas
Cisco Mercantile Co, E E Kean mgr
Cisco Round Up, Bailey & Congreve
CITY HOTEL Thos W Neel proprietor, w s Avenue D
Clegg & Leary (W B Clegg and J Leary) blacksmiths
Creech John T, drugs and toys
Cooper W. restaurant
Corrigan Hugh, harness
Duke S S, liquors
Eagleton W L, atty
Eppler Bros (H G and J G) meat market
Eppler H G, wagon yard
EPPLER H R. grocer Eppler J S, blacksmith
William Munn president, J H Borden secretary, L A High-tower treasurer and general manager
Fee C H & Co, hardware
Flemister W A, dentist
Guye John, meat market
Harris G W, jeweler
Hartman & Davis, grocers
Haws House, Mrs. P Haws
HIGHTOWER L. A. manager The Farmers’ Alliance Co-operative Milling Co
Holcomb J H & Co, dry goods
Irvine R L, operator W U T Co
Jones —, cotton weigher
Jones—The M T Jones Lumber Co, W C Richardson mgr
Kleiner J & Son, soap factory
Langston George, agt T P Ry
Larimer F E, fire insurance agt
Latham & Blake (J H Latham and T R Blake) gen mdse
Luse J E, real estate
Luse R G, druggist and mgr Cisco Cattle Co
Martin & Maxwell, druggists
Mitchell M V, hardware
Morgan S J, restaurant
Morris C S, liquors
NEEL THOMAS W, proprietor City Hotel
Noell N W, postmaster.
Patterson John F & Co, gen mdse
Pincher C M., grocer
Rogers J H, barber
Smith & Miller (J W Smith and John Miller) harness makers
Stanton G, boarding house
STEPHENS C G proprietor Stephens’ House
STEPHENS HOUSE C G Stephens proprietor, rates $1.00 per day, $3.50 per week
Texas Central Railroad, J T Wilson agt
Thompson A, grocer
Thompson P, cotton wool and hides
Vance C S, physician
Water Pierce Oil Co, R L Ramsay agt
W. F & Co’s Express, and Pacific Express, R L Ramsay agt
Werneburg G, shoemaker
Wheeler T B, atty
Whiteside R M, liquors
Wilson House, N R Wilson propr
Wilson J T Mrs, operator W U T Co
Worthington T J, furniture

Southwestern Business Directory : including principal towns on Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway, Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad, Denver, Texas and Fort Worth Railway, Texas and Pacific Railway, Union Pacific Railway, Denver and Rio Grande Railway, Colorado Midland Railway, and Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. Denver, Colo.: McKenney Directory Co., 1889, pages 102-104


32° 23' 17.484" N, 98° 58' 45.228" W