Rockwood, Texas


Rockwood, located in south Coleman County, has been known by three names in its history. During the late 1870s and early 1880s, the first settlers called the community Camp Creek Colony, located just east of the present-day town. The post office was established in July 1891 with the name Discord. The community went by Discord for three years, until it was changed to Rockwood.

Surnames of some of the early settlers of Rockwood were: Wood, Wainright, Faulk, McIlvain, Byrd, Bairs, Steward, Newsom, Harrison, Cheatham, Vise, Johnson, Lankford, Moore, Brusenham, Fowlers, Caldwell, Buttry, McCreary, Richardson, King, Livingston, Box, McSwaine, McCarrell, Brannon, Fault, Pittman, Thompson, Hart, Riddle, Snider, Ashmore and Ryan.

In the late 1890s coal was discovered near the Colorado River in Rockwood causing a coal boom.

Rockwood History from the Coleman County TXGenWeb site


31° 30′ 3.564″ N, 99° 22′ 24.204″ W