Turney, Texas


Turney, established about 1903 on the newly-built Texas and New Orleans Railroad, was named for J. A. Turney, the pioneer settler who promoted it. Among other pioneers already living in the neighborhood were the Priestleys, Flings, Hendersons, Jenkins, Coles, Arnwines, Slovers, Morrows, Evans and Chandlers. Matt Chandler operated a mill near the town for almost half a century. The Peacock crate and basket factory is older than the town itself, having been started in the near-by woods as the Slover Crate Factory. I. A. Bounds is the oldest merchant, having sold goods since 1904. Early firms included J. E. Herrington, and Slover & Son. The Baptists have the only church in the town. – A History of Cherokee County, 1934 by Hattie Joplin Roach


31° 54′ 32.616″ N, 95° 11′ 42.792″ W